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    RIFF 2016



    RIFF International Architecture Expo Conference Roofs, Insulations, Façades, Floors is organized in Warsaw on 11th October, at Marriott Hotel, within SHARE Warsaw 2016 International Architecture Forum.

    The conference represents also a continous trainning program for architects and is organized by ABplus Events under the Honorary Patronage of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland (IARP).

    The presentations in the program of the expo conference are focused on innovative façades structures, the design of roofs and insulation works in high-profile buildings, and also presenting new trends, solutions and systems for floors. Large-scale projects are presented from different perspectives, by architects and contractors.

    RIFF 2016 IVth edition in Warsaw will bring together over 200 architects, designers, project owners and beneficiaries, leaders in the construction market, companies with solutions for façades, roofs, insulations and floors.

    RIFF International Architecture Expo Conference Roofs, Insulations, Façades and Floors is a one day event with a complex schedule, including two official plenary sessions and two thematic sessions: „Facades & Insulation” and “Roofs – Floors & Insulations”.

    Highly-awarded speakers, among whom the winners of the latest editions of the international architecture awards, present in the program of RIFF Warsaw their latest projects.

    Speakers coming from 10 countries and Polish guest speakers will lecture at the conference, together with representatives of outstading international architectural firms that present innovative products and solutions for the industry. The profiles of the guest speakers are available here.

    Our guests’ projects are winners or finalists in competitions known worldwide , such as RIBA – Royal Institute of British Architects Internațional Award; World Architecture Festival Award; Alvar Aalto Medal; 2015 AIA Honorary Fellowship; 2015 Iconic awards ; 2015 Wan 21 for 21 award; 2014 A+Architizer Awards; MIPIM Award (Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier), hosted in Cannes, France; International Architecture Awards; European Property; Green Good Design Awards; German Iconic Awards.

    Simultaneosly with RIFF, in the same location, it is organized INGLASS international conference dedicated to glass architecture and engineering and LAUD international conference dedicated to landscape architecture and urban infrastructure. It is created this way an important architecture forum in Poland, a dynamic and vibrant event including three professional thematic conferences.

    Arch. Fuensanta Nieto, the keynote speaker at RIFF Warsaw

    Arch. Fuensanta Nieto, Co-founder Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, SPAIN, is a key name in the new wave of Spanish architecture. The roots of her architecture lie in Spain, and its multi-layered history and culture. She will present the Centre for Contemporary Art Cordoba. Awards: 2015 Alvar Aalto Medal; 2015 AIA Honorary Fellowship; 2015 Iconic awards -category Best of Best; 2014-AIT Award-Public Buildings; 2010 AGA KHAN Award for Architecture.

    Among the guest speakers that have confirmed attendence there are: arch. Lars Kristian AHLMARK, Senior Partner, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, DENMARK (2015 Commendation, Architectural Review MIPIM Future Project Awards; 2013 World Architecture Festival Awards, shortlisted; 2013 INSIDE Awards, shortlisted; 2013 RIBA National Award 2013 IABSE Denmark’s Structure Award; 2012 RIBA Award, EU category, shortlisted);
    arch. Angel ZAHARIEV, founder A&A ARCHITECTS OOD, BULGARIA (2015 ArchDaily Building of the year winner in the category Public Buildings & in the category Educational Buildings and infrastructure); arch. Giuseppe FARIS, founder Studio Farris, BELGIUM (2015 Architects Design Vanguard Winner; 2015 WAF awards, nomination; 2015 Architizer a+ award 2015 Wan 21 for 21 award; 2015 MIPIM Awards shortlisted);

    The aim of the expo conference is to promote at the European level the best practice examples in contemporary architecture, the transfer of know-how and the exchange of ideas.

    For 20 years, our professional architecture expo conferences act as an effective platform for promoting excellence in the fields of architecture and construction, a meeting point for practicing architects, landscape architects and contractors, bringing together great personalities in architecture and offering new opportunities of cooperation.

    The latest editions of our expo conferences had great guests that have brought their contribution to the program with presentations of their latest projects: 2015: Farshid TAVAKOLITEHRANI, STUDIO FUKSAS, ITALY; arch. Lukasz PLATKOWSKI, GENSLER, UK; arch. Steven PEY, EPR ARCHITECTS, UK; 2014: arch. Anders SÆLAN, HENNING LARSEN ARCHITECTS, DENMARK; 2013: arch. Stephen HODDER, ROYAL INSTITUTE OF BRITISH ARCHITECTS, THE UK; 2012: prof. dr. arch. Tony FRETTON, TONY FRETTON ARCHITECTS, THE UK; 2011: dr. e.h. h.c. Werner SOBEK, WERNER SOBEK ENGINEERING & DESIGN, GERMANY; arch. Tony LING, JESTICO + WHILES, UK; arch. Diogo BURNAY, CVDB ARQUITECTOS, PORTUGAL & CANADA; arch. Matthias BAUER, MBA/S MATTHIAS BAUER ASSOCIATES, GERMANY; arch. Borys CZARAKCZIEW, Member of the Board and Plenipotentiary for international matters-the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland.

    Information regarding the access at RIFF International Conference 2016 edition:

    Date: 11 October 2016
    Location: Marriott Warsaw Hotel, Baltic conference room

    Access: solely based on previous subscription and confirmation from the organizer. The registration of the participation can be made online here.

    See details about the program here.

    The testimonials of the guests of RIFF past editions can be read here.

    The RIFF Expo Conference is part of a series of 14 international architecture expo conferences that ABplus Events has organized starting from 2010 in Poland, Romania and Hungary, alongside with the the thematic LAUD expo conferences ( landscape architecture and infrastructure); GIS expo conferences (interior architecture and interior design); CONTRACTOR (entrepreneurs conference – installations and constructions) and INGLASS (glass architecture & engineering expo conference).

    For the latest news regarding the program of the international conferences and the guest speakers, we invite you to access the communication platform www.share-architects.com.

    Organizer ABplus Events:

    For 20 years we have been in pursuit of excellence in the fields of architecture and construction, through international events organized for architects and contractors, in cooperation with our partners, the national chambers of architects, architecture institutions and associations.
    Our professional architecture expo conferences act as an effective platform for networking, business, inspiration and exchange of experience and know-how.

    ABplus Events, as Professional Trade Events and Congress Organizer, is the creator of the concept of national network of construction trade shows. Our experience on the Central and Eastern European market positions our events as one of the most effective international forums in the region, a source of constantly updated information, supporting the continuous training of specialists and the promotion of young talents.
    Bringing together hundreds of practicing architects and contractors in Europe, Asia and the United States of America, ABplus events promote projects, achievements and recent best practice examples in architecture and construction industry.

    Portofolio: you can also also consult our brochure and a selection of video testimonials from our international architecture conferences.
    We invite you to join us!


    Prof. Dr. E.h. Werner SOBEK

    ILEK (Institute of Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design), Stuttgart University
    Special Guest RIFF Bucharest 2011


    At RIFF I have spoken about the most important challenge architects, engineers and product designers, will have to deal with in the near future will be the following: to make ecology really atracting and full of emotion.

    Arch. Marta GRZADZIEL

    BAROZZI/VEIGA, Spain, the Winner of Mies van der Rohe Award 2015
    Special Guest RIFF Bucharest 2015


    I am very glad to have been at the RIFF conference. It was a great experience, I participated in the lectures and some debates which were before my lecture here and it was a very rich experience. I have spoken about the Philharmonic Hall of Sczecin, the first building in Poland winning the Mies van der Rohe Award. I am Polish, but all my professional experience comes from abroad and this project was a very unique possibility of coming back to Poland with the experience I had abroad.

    Arch. Tony LING

    Jestico + Whiles, UK
    Keynote Speaker at RIFF Bucharest 2015 conference


    I’m fascinated by the idea of meeting people from different cultures, working in different ways. All went very well at RIFF, the organisation of the event was very efficient! I had a wonderful time and met very interesting people.


    Chairman in RIFF Warsaw 2015 Conference


    I was very, very positively surprised of RIFF event, first of all of the audience, then of the quality of the speakers and of the projects presented.
    I was really impressed about the organisation and of the quality of conference.


    Studio FUKSAS, Italy
    Special Guest in RIFF Warsaw 2015 conference


    I think the event was very interesting and also I’m very glad to see examples of modern architecture from all the Europe or all of the world and I was very glad to see that the way of thinking here in Poland or wherever in UE countries is sometimes similar, sometimes different, but you can see the stream of modern architecture that is in the right road and somehow we got the same language, we understand each other, the language of architecture is universal. This is the very positive meaning of this conference. It’s very well organised event and the quality of organisation is very high,so I must to say that I’m very,very glad I participated in this event.

    Arch. Borys CZARAKCZIEW

    Guest Speaker RIFF Bucharest & Warsaw 2015
    Member of the Board and Plenipotentiary for international matters, National Chamber of Polish Architects (IARP)


    RIFF event is splendid, the subject touches very important issues for architects. And I’m really very impressed how many people have an interest to come at the event and are interested in architecture. The exchange of points of views it’s very important for us, as architects. The scheme of the event is very profitable, because mostly the speakers are those who were rewarded in architecture. That’s a very good lesson for young people. And we, a little bit older, we can meet together and exchange our experiences about architecture and our work, which is very profitable.
    And I think that the idea of combining business and architects, it’s very good.

    Fernando MENIS


    With its inauguration taking place on last December 12th 2015, Fernando Menis shows what his most complex work up to date in the historic UNESCO protected town of Torun (Poland). The CKK “Jordanki” expresses a fusion of old and new through the use and reinterpretation of historical and contemporary materials. With an innovative building method “picado” and a flexible acoustic ceiling, the auditorium is also adaptable to various public capacities, making it one of the most revolutionary works of the architect. Innovation is also present in his research for symbiosis between natural energy and the manipulation of the shape integrated in the landscape, concept put into reality in the two works Menis exhibited at the Hong Kong Biennale 2015: “Hatching” and “The Humidity Tubes”.

    Arch. Mariusz ŚCISŁO


    It was a very good combination of fresh designers who are somewhere at the beginning or in full swing of their career and who allow us, in fact, to anticipate the future. What pleased me very much was that the public had the opportunity to see what this effort to produce quality interiors means, as the speakers presented their projects behind the scenes, where we saw a huge labor, which one must be both driven and subtle to understand when decoding the result.
    Another thing that I find important is that this conference highlights the exceptions and things that can be inspiring, models to follow.
    The world does not know them, does not see them and this justifies the public’s appetite for this conference. A great benefit is also its educational role.

    Arch. Anders SÆLAN

    Henning Larsen Architects, The Winner of Mies van der Rohe 2013, Special Guest of RIFF 2014

    One of the most important forces behind architectural progress has always been the possibility of coming together, to create platforms where interaction and inspiration can take place. RIFF is creating one of those progressive forums and I therefore I am glad I have participated in the RIFF conference in November 2014. I was excited to share some of our latest work and to hear other speakers share their thoughts, and hopefully this will lead to a constructive dialogue about architecture and its potential in society. Personally, I was also excited to visit the RIFF conference in November because I had never visited Romania before. I see the eastern part of Europe as one of the most exiting places in architectural development in the coming years.

    Arch. Şerban ŢIGĂNAŞ

    President of THE ORDER OF THE ARCHITECTS OF ROMANIA Co-organizer of the Romanian editions of RIFF

    We have met to discuss about how to build better between architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, suppliers of systems and materials, who have succeeded to achieve quality in construction and want to contribute to raising the standard in the industry. This can be a time of balance in which we can try to understand what happens on a daily basis, what and how it happens when quality works emerge and how the exceptional is sometimes generated. We want our daily work to be of high quality, what we usually do must be well-done, even exceptionally done, the exception becoming the usual and the exemplary works being able to change mentalities and the expectations of the world built. I suggest that we meditate creatively together about the state of architecture, to make this balance and try, through these dialogues and meetings, to build the answer to the question: How must the world of construction change?

    Arch. Andrzej Bulanda

    INGLASS Bucharest 2015, Principal of Bulanda Mucha Architects, Poland

    I admired the hospitallity and the additional program; I am looking forward for the discussion of tomorrow and I am open to give the next lecture next year. I think that the level of the presentations, due to the level of the subjects was very spread out, from architecture to teaching. I think everyone could find something for himself.

    Arch. Krzysztof Ingarden

    Keynote Speaker INGLASS Bucharest 2015, President of Ingarden Ewy Architects, Poland

    I am really fascinated with the organization of the conference and with the architecture. I think the presentations were coherent.

    Arch. Esra Aydinoglu

    Product Director at Trakya Glass, Turkey

    The whole organization is very nice, the keynote speaker and all of the architects are very well chosen and I am thankful for that. We are very glad to participate in this conference. We’ve been attending all the events that you were organizing in Bucharest and we are planning to attend at all the organizations that you are planning in Budapest starting from 2016.

    Beata Rdest

    Sales Manager Tubing at SCHOTT, Poland

    It is the first time we are participating in the INGLASS Warsaw conference and I think it is a professional and interesting event which gathers many architects and designers and this is a helpful situation. I can’t say anything negative about the organization of the conference; so far, everything is ok.

    Piotr Komala

    Marketing and Innovation Director SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS

    I am very happy that such a meeting, like today, can take place, where in one place you have the possibility to meet so many people, for whom interior architecture, design and space design is the genuine passion, for some of them is the whole life. Saint Gobain, as a sponsor, are also people, for whom glass is a passion, for whom design and innovation are the true challenges and this meeting in my opinion will be very fruitful, exchange of information, different types of meetings, sharing from one point of view products, from another – needs and inspirations will have the very interesting effect and I am happy that I am able to participate in this event.

    Jerzy WÓJCIK

    President of Reckli Poland

    We are really glad to take part în GIS Warsaw conference and that this kind of events are organized. We have chance to meet here a lot of architects which are our target group of cooperator nad we truly belive that this events will have influence for our company results în future months. Reckli is the world leader în the design and manufacture of elastomeric polyurethane formliners and moulds for patterned concrete. This system allows architects, planners and builders the greatest possible freedom to meet virtually any design requirement. Definetely this is that more beautifull side of concrete. Nowadays conrete is more and more often used to design interior, for example we are creating concrete table or even plunge pool. În Poland this technology is more well known, it is because more and more internațional companies are investing în here and they know the quality of this realization which we can provide. We are glad to be here and we have hope that îoday in the centre of Warsaw this events will make our realization well known.


    Construction Building Systems Specialist, Lafarge

    I am the person responsible for the contact with architects in Lafarge, this is why for me this type of the event is a very important experience, additional advantage is that the conference brings together not only architects but also interior designers and furniture. Summarizing, this is the wide auditorium which we can reach in the same time. Meeting such a big number of people individually would be probably much more difficult and much more expensive. Today we had a presentation, I was the presenter, and already we had a couple of people discussing with us, so we can say that we had a good response. I hope that this is our first meeting, but surely not the last, I count on you during the future meetings of this type. Organisation of the event is really good, I like the speakers, from one side they are fascinates, from the other – people, who gained success, this shows that it is worth to be a fascinate of what you do, because this leads you to success.

    Paweł GRUDZIEŃ

    CEO, Aluco

    In my opinion it’s an excellent idea – the organisation of this type of event and the participation of the companies, like us, where we have the opportunity to meet about 200 participants – the representatives of the biggest architecture offices in Poland, famous internațional architecture stars. First thing is the chance to meet them, another is the possibility of hearing something interesting during the event. We cooperate with architects for years, recently we introduced into the market new products and solutions. That’s what we want to present to them.

    Arch. Maciej KURKOWSKI


    This was the first time I have attended such a conference and I jumped in at the deep end, it was a great challenge. I believe that it is worthwhile to take part in such events, because it is one of the best opportunities to meet very famous stars of architecture and interior design and exchange my modest experience with their vast experience, as well as hear a few valuable tips on how my career should look like. Shortly after my presentation, I received a message about my participant on my Facebook profile, that people really liked my presentation. I appreciate it very much.

    Arch. Zbigniew MAĆKÓW


    The conference is really marvellous and very interesting, I was surprised about the size of the conference, it’s huge, lots of people, lots of events, sometimes I was jumping to different rooms because there were sometimes two very interesting lectures at the same time, or very close to each other. I most appreciate the architecture part, due to my profession, but it has a lot of technical support, technical lectures as well. I would recommend to my colleagues in Poland to participate.

    Magdalena STACHOWSKA

    GUNNEX GROUP Prelegent 2014

    We are a small group, an international group with headquarters in Prague. I’m from Poland but I’m responsible for four countries, apart from Czech, Poland, Slovakia, and this year in Romania. As we are trying to introduce some solutions which we know from other countries of our activity, we decided to introduce them to Romania, through this conference. We are satisfied to be here, we can also network a bit with architects here, with other companies in the field. It’s quite an interesting program.