• Arch. Dorota SZLACHCIC

    Guest Speaker at RIFF conference, ArC2 Fabryka Projektowa
    Owner, ArC2 Fabryka Projektowa

    PRESENTATION: "Massive black Africarium full of new technology"

    AWARDS: Grand Prix from the Mayor of Wroclaw, 2015

    Arch. Dorota Szlachcic is a graduate of the Department of Architecture, Technical University of Wroclaw. She is a co-owner (with arch. M. Szlachcic and R. Gajer) of the ArC2 Fabryka Projektowa, an award winning architects practice employing 25 people that was established in 1991 in Wroclaw. The company has won numerous international architectural competitions, including the Africarium-Oceanarium, Congress Centre and Hotel in Wroclaw, Himalayan Mountain Hut in Nepal. Arc2 received numerous awards for housing projects in Wroclaw: Under The Wings, Oltaszyn Park and Krzycka-Przyjazni, including two Grand Prix prizes from the Mayor of Wroclaw. Her biggest accomplishment is the realisation of the Africarium-Oceanarium complex in the Wroclaw Zoo in 2014: the largest aquarium in Europe and the only one in the world dedicated to Africa. Africarium was awarded Grand Prix from the Mayor of Wroclaw in 2015 and was in the finals of the Polish President’s competition Life in Architecturewww.zyciewarchitekturze.pl . In this project, for roof insulation, the architect used ETFE foil cushions.

    Now Dorota Szlachcic is working on the next aquarium, this time in Namibe, Angola.